There are legal places in Canada to consume cannabis. We have listed a few of them below.

Consuming Cannabis in Alberta

Albertans consume cannabis in their homes according to the province's cannabis framework. However, smoking is prohibited in cars and is subject to several additional limitations.

Cannabis smoking and vaping are prohibited in public places where tobacco is not permitted, as well as on any hospital, school, or childcare facility grounds, near a playground, a sport or playing field, a skateboard or bicycle park, a zoo, an outdoor theatre, an outdoor pool, or splash pad, or in any motor vehicle that is not being used as a temporary residence (such as an RV).

Violations of these prohibitions will result in a fine of up to $5 million or three years in prison. In addition, the Cannabis Act establishes two new criminal offenses: giving or selling cannabis to minors and using a minor to commit a cannabis-related crime, all of which carry maximum sentences of 14 years in prison.

Consuming Cannabis in British Columbia

Cannabis is treated the same as cigarette smoking and vaping under British Columbia's public use regulations. If you cannot smoke cigarettes in a specific area, you cannot smoke cannabis there, either. Playgrounds, parks, plus other public gathering places, especially for children, are examples of prohibited public places. Visitors can consume cannabis in hotel rooms as well. Violations are provincial cannabis offenses and can have penalties ranging from $2,000 to $100,000 in fines, three to twelve months in jail, or both.

Consuming Cannabis in Ontario

Adults can use cannabis in outdoor public spaces. Indoor smoking is forbidden in enclosed public spaces, hospitals, and childcare facilities.

Consuming Cannabis in Manitoba

The regulations in Manitoba on public cannabis use are very stringent. Current laws effectively restrict consumption to the home.

Consuming Cannabis in New Brunswick

Cannabis use in New Brunswick is restricted to the home. In addition, the homeowner has the option of allowing or prohibiting the service on their property. The consumption prohibition applies to smoking in cars as well.

Consuming Cannabis in Newfoundland and Labrador

Recreational cannabis use in public is banned in Newfoundland and Labrador. Use is restricted to private residences and their surrounding yards. Medical cannabis patients are permitted to consume cannabis in public, as previously allowed by statute. Depending on the offense, you might be sentenced to prison. Get a ticket, pay a fine of up to $100,000, or spend up to 14 years in prison.

Consuming Cannabis in Nova Scotia

The Smoke-Free Places Act in Nova Scotia treats public cannabis use in the same way it does tobacco. In the province, cannabis smoking is banned in all bars, lounges, beverage rooms, and cabarets. If consumed within a vehicle, violations of the law will result in fines of up to $2,000.

Consuming Cannabis in Prince Edward Island

Another province that limits use to the home is Prince Edward Island. According to the law, people over the age of 19 can consume cannabis in a house, apartment, hotel, or campsite. Furthermore, a property owner may prohibit smoking in multi-unit dwellings but may designate an outdoor smoking area. Penalties imposed depend on the offense's severity; you may receive a ticket, a fine, or charges. Violations of provincial law or the Criminal Code of Canada include possessing too much cannabis in public, selling cannabis, supplying cannabis to minors, and driving while impaired by cannabis. The acceptable ranges from $200 to $400 for a first offense and $400 to $700 for a second or subsequent offense. A fine of $5K to $10K is imposed for illegally selling cannabis; a fine of $10k to $20k is set for a second or subsequent offense.

Consuming Cannabis in Quebec

The law of Quebec allows the purchase of cannabis from Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC). Do not give cannabis to anyone under the age of 21. If they are between the ages of 18 and 21, you may be issued a ticket or even charged with a crime. You will be charged with a criminal offense if you are under 18.

Cannabis cannot be consumed in outside public places, such as parks, playgrounds, sports fields, day camps and summer camps, public roads (sidewalks, alleyways, streets, highways, footpaths, etc.), bus shelters, terraces, or other outdoor commercial spaces.

Consuming Cannabis in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan's regulations limit recreational use to private residences.