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Jean Guy

Jean Guy
About Jean Guy

Jean Guy hails from Canada, and is a Sativa dominant strain, with an approximate ratio of 90 sativa, 10 indica. The strain has a sour, citrus scent which is sometimes earthy, other times lemony, but always fresh.

The taste reflects and compliments these subtle lemon and lime scents with a matching taste. This taste will coat your tongue and delightfully linger; a user will find themselves relishing in both the rich taste and the pleasant aroma even after the smoke session has completed. You’ll feel the effects of Jean Guy well before you finish the spliff it’s in, and you’ll be feeling it for a few hours afterward.

This strain is great for a wake and bake stone; it’s effects are both uplifting and energizing. Scatter brained thoughts and musing can result when consumed beyond moderation, as the cerebral effects may become intense and interfere with productivity. Jean Guy is oftentimes used to assist in the alleviation for those suffering Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer symptoms. Be advised, it may spike anxiety for those patients predisposed to experiencing it, so it is wise to use it in moderation.

The color of Jean Guy’s generously frosted buds are mixes of dark and light green, and the plant is covered in golden crystal trichomes. It has a very classic look, with the fluorescent orange hairs and crystal frost being both alluring and nostalgic.

When choosing to grow this strain, it is advisable to note it isn’t recommended for beginning gardeners. Jean Guy may lack quantity as far as yield is concerned, but it makes up for this flaw with it’s potency and tasty flavor. Flowering time indoors will generally occur around 70 days, but it can also be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors, the strain proving resilient against both pests and diseases.

House of the Green Gardener developed this strain in Quebec, Canada, but it is unknown what the parent strains are. Rumor suggests Jean Guy is a phenotype of White Widow. The strain is very popular throughout Quebec and Montreal. Jean Guy can reach up to 25% THC content. This mysterious strain may very well become on of your favorites.