Quick notes on Canada Cannabis Travel:

  • The maximum amount anyone can carry is 30 grams of dried flower. The cannabis should be contained in child-proof containers, and the original bill of sale should be kept just in case.
  • Flying with cannabis is allowed in Canada, and you can keep your cannabis either in your carry-on bag or your checked luggage.
  • Disposal canisters are accessible at all security checkpoints, enabling travelers to dispose of cannabis before embarking on their journey.
  • Airlines have the right to refuse service to anyone intoxicated.
  • Driving while intoxicated is not allowed, and police have testing equipment available to determine THC levels in the body.

Is it legal to bring cannabis into Canada?

No, bringing cannabis into the country is prohibited.

If you are at the crossing border coming into Canada, and you do not inform the patrols of its presence, and you are caught, you will face felony charges. If you are coming into Canada and you are travelling with cannabis in some form, you must contact the Canada Border Services Agency. At the Canadian border, failing to report the possession of cannabis is a serious crime. You could be apprehended and convicted.

It is still illegal to move cannabis and cannabis-related products across the Canadian border, including consumable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, and cannabis topicals. If you are going to or from a place where cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized, it is still illegal.

Domestic Travel

In case of travelling with cannabis on automobile, you can stock up on cannabis, but remember that although cannabis is legal in Canada, each separate province has its own set of rules for how and where it can be used. Above all, keep in mind that cannabis laws in Canada are not uniform, and municipalities can impose additional restrictions on public cannabis usage.

When travelling by car in Canada, it is good advice to keep your cannabis in its original container and out of sight of the driver and other passengers.

Leaving Canada

It is illegal to transport cannabis while you are travelling across the Canadian border, whether you are entering or exiting the country.