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Aurora Drift

When was the Brand founded?

Where was the brand founded?
Edmonton, Alberta
About Aurora Drift

Aurora Drift is a leading recreational brand with the widest range of strains and formats for new and current consumers alike. Letting consumers enjoy cannabis their ways, they offer to discover how nature and science come together. The brand is produced by Aurora Cannabis Inc., a licensed cannabis grower based in Edmonton, Canada. They build facilities designed specifically to deliver superior quality small-batch cannabis. All the products produced are pesticide and gamma irradiation free, and all of their cannabis is tested by an independent third party lab. Offering a wide range of formats from high-quality edibles to strains they are the market leader in this segment.

Top 3 products

Ghost Train Haze

A high THC sativa strain with a sweet and piney aroma with hints of citrus, lemon, and spice.

Blue Dream

A classic sativa-dominant hybrid strain, with dense light green buds. This high THC strain has a sweet berry, and pine aroma.

Chocolate Squares

Be there and be square with a resealable pack of longer-lasting, evenly dosed, and convenient chocolate squares.