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When was the brand founded?
Where was the brand founded?
Moncton, New Brunswick
About Trailblazer

Trailblazer is a cannabis brand that celebrates progress and the route less travelled by providing high-value, high-quality cannabis products that are ready to use. Trailblazer products are offered in three forms: bud, pre-mill, and pre-roll. The brand’s signature Prohibition Blend is a hybrid offering developed using an optimal blend of Acadia, one of the Company’s best-selling sativa strains, and Critical Kush, one of the longest-standing indica strains in the Company’s robust genetic library.

Top 3 products

Glow hybrid

Low and slow, this is the bud to either start or end your night. The GLOW buds have spicy, pine and gas aromas.

Spark sativa

Bright and light in flavour to add a little spark to start your day. These Spark buds have citrus, sweet and skunky aromas.

Mocha Chocolate Snax Bar

42 g of creamy milk chocolate made with 38% cocoa and all-natural mocha flavouring, infused with 10 mg THC.