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Good Supply

When was the brand founded?
Where was the brand founded?
Leamington, Ontario
About Good Supply

Good Supply excels in high THC products across the largest categories in cannabis – flower, vapes, and oils – and is building off this momentum by expanding into concentrates with hash, wax, and kief products. Their concentrates are a natural extension of the brand, delivering on quality in three unique, complex new formats that are high potency and high value. Each Good Supply concentrate follows an individual extraction process to unlock the potential of the cannabis plant, resulting in different terpene profiles and levels of THC.

Top 3 products

Tangie Green

Tangie Green is a tangerine dream crafted by Good Supply. This kush drips fragrant tangerine aroma thanks to its rich terpene profile.

Sour Kush

Skip across the sour patch to this irresistible Sour Kush – sour powered flower with some diesel stank.

Starwalker Kush

Reach for the sky with Starwalker Kush, you won’t care when these spicy diesel notes hit you.