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Where was the brand founded?
When was the brand founded?
Toronto, Ontario
About Canaca

High Park Company announced the launch of its new brand CANACA on Canada Day in 2018. CANACA stands for the true Canadian experience and the best of Canadian bud. The CANACA product line offers a variety of celebrated cannabis strains in whole-flower and pre-rolls. CANACA cultivars are grown by master horticulturists who are dedicated to sustainable practices. Their plants are carefully bred in British Columbia and lovingly cultivated in a sun-filled greenhouse in Ontario to create a flavourful, hand-harvested cannabis experience for all Canadians to enjoy.

Top 3 products

Alien Dawg

An indica-dominant strain with medium THC potency, a sweet earthy, woodsy flavour and a light bitter taste.

Jean Guy

This sativa-leaning hybrid has a delicious complex aroma that includes bold lemon notes with delicate herbal ribbons.

Vape Pen

The Canaca THC Distillate Vape Pen is a breath-activated, all-in-one vape that delivers approximately 100-200 puffs of vaporized, high-potency THC cannabis distillate with no added ingredients or flavours.