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Broken Coast

When was the brand founded?
Where was the brand founded?
Duncan, British Columbia
About Broken Coast

Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. is a multi-award-winning craft grower that delivers a premium product and provides consumers with an opportunity to access a brand synonymous with the legacy of B.C. bud. Their craft cannabis is cultivated on the shores of the Salish Sea in small batches by choice, using single-strain growing rooms.

Top 3 products

Sunset Sherbet

A strawberry and guava flavoured showstopper. Dank, pungent and dense flowers with deep purple and silver colouration that are buried in white trichomes.

Frost Monster

High-THC, indica-dominant, flower with limonene, caryophyllene, linalool and pinene terpenes that give citrus, pepper, floral, and pine notes.


A fan favourite with notes of earth, wood and zest.