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Manitoba Poison

Manitoba Poison Strain
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About Manitoba Poison

Don’t let the name fool you, as there’s nothing dangerous about this strain except how much you’ll fall in love with it. Bred by Great White North Seed Company, Manitoba Poison is the child of unknown African strains. As a balanced 50/50 hybrid, the amount you use will influence whether your experience leans more toward sativa or indica tendencies.

A moderately strong strain that’s great for all users, Manitoba Poison comes in right around 15% THC. Nugs of this strain tend to be rather rounded and dense, as deep hues of purple and jade dance along the surface. Taking you on a trip in the woods, the flavors and scents of this strain are lovely. Earthy, floral, and woody notes all combine for an experience that seems masculine yet friendly. Perhaps it’s just the kind of thing that Canadians like.

As long as you take it easy, you’ll have a great variety of effects during your high. Again, given that it’s a hybrid, users can expect uplifting sativa elements that bring you to a place of focused clarity. While this cerebral experience is nice enough, Manitoba Poison soon takes hold of you and brings you gently down to a relaxed place that’s as close to sleep as you can get. If you smoke too much, this sense of couch lock will hit you right away and you’ll bypass any energetic sensations.

This strain is quite possibly the best of all worlds when it comes to medical treatment, as the initial uptick in mood helps those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and large amounts of stress. If you need to put a smile on your face, this is the strain for you. On the flip side, it’s equally as wonderful for those who want their bodily aches and pains to melt away. Acting as a nice sedative, Manitoba Poison can even help insomniacs who find it difficult to get a good night of sleep.

Manitoba Poison is a good plant for indoor or outdoor gardens, although it should be noted that it prefers the cool climate of Canada. Many love it for its ability to flower quickly, known to be ready for harvesting in some cases as soon as 7 weeks. At only 4 feet tall at her peak, this strain offers discretion and a nicely sized yield for even the beginning grower.

Wisk yourself away to a misty forest and imagine what it must feel like to be in Canada. Along with amazing scents and a nice experience, can you believe that everyone there is super nice too? Try a bit of Manitoba Poison the next time you come across it and have fun testing your limits. For those who want to enjoy the sativa side of things before they are sent into a deep state of relaxation, only a little bit will do the trick.