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When was the brand founded?

Where was the brand founded?
Markham, Ontario
About AltaVie

On April 3, 2018, MedReleaf Corp., Canada’s first and only ISO 9001 and ICH-GMP certified cannabis producer, announced the introduction of AltaVie by MedReleaf, the Company’s premium recreational cannabis brand designed for a premium consumer. With the launch of AltaVie, MedReleaf reinforces its position as a leader in the industry, adding to a portfolio of brands to meet the diverse needs of Canadians.

Top 3 products

Airplane Mode

A classic Kush that’s earthy and woodsy on the nose, Airplane Mode is made up of compact, light green buds weaved with the occasional vibrant orange hair.


Campfire is a mild THC, high-CBD strain with rich, floral notes. Physically, expect somewhat dense, light green buds with hues of yellow and lots of orange hairs.


A balanced strain that maximizes on both cannabinoids by having equal parts CBD and THC.