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When was the brand founded?
Where was the brand founded?
Toronto, Ontario
About Riff

Riff is a brand owned by Aphria, headquartered in Leamington, Ontario engaged in producing creatively crafted cannabis brands. It is a community and cannabis brand that is co-created by the Co.LAB, a collective of creators and artists who love a good joint effort. The brand has high potency offerings available for experienced users.

Top 3 products

Subway Scientist (Grand Daddy Purps)

Known as the king of “purple” strains, this bud defines what it means to be an indica: heavy, smooth, and body-melting, it’s a mainstay in every dispensary and stoner stash.

Cryo Chronic (Frost Monster)

Stay frosty with Cryo Chronic (Frost Monster), an icy indica blanketed in milky white trichomes. This glacial powerhouse averages 18-24% THC potency and the purple and blue hued buds give off spicy, pepper and earthy aromas.

Gilded Grams (Golden Goat)

Gilded Grams (Golden Goat) is a potent gas glazed in milky trichomes with bold, fruity aromas and hints of sour and spice.