Hello, cannabis enthusiasts! Planning a weedcation to Vancouver? You’re in for a treat. This city is renowned for its diverse and accessible cannabis scene. Let’s dive into the world of legal cannabis in Vancouver, ensuring you find the perfect dispensary for your needs.


Before You Go

Remember, you’ll need a valid government-issued ID to verify your age, which is 19 in Vancouver. It’s always smoother to have your ID ready upon your visit.


Pricing Guide

When budgeting for your weedcation, anticipate spending around $10 for a gram of mid-grade weed. If you’re after the top shelf, prices can rise to $25 per gram. Edibles, another popular choice, vary from $5 to $20 per item.


Top Picks to Check Out

  • City Cannabis Co.: As Vancouver’s first legal cannabis boutique, City Cannabis Co. offers a high-quality, sustainable, and accessible experience. Their Robson Street location is praised for its variety and atmosphere.
  • UEM Cannabis: Established in 2012, this family-owned business has one of the largest selections of edibles in the city, along with a vast range of other cannabis products.
  • Dutch Love: A trendy chain that caters to both newbies and veterans, you can find Dutch Love stores across the city, including at the airport and in popular neighbourhoods like Kitsilano.
  • Evergreen Cannabis: Operating since 1995, this dispensary offers affordable, high-quality cannabis products, focusing on a community-driven experience.
  • Village Bloomery: Known for creating a sense of community, Village Bloomery has a reputation for quality and a wide product range that aims to foster energy, confidence, and joy.


Accessories and More

If you’re looking to enhance your experience with accessories, consider places like WestCanna, which offers everything from pipes to rolling papers and vapes.


Final Tips

  • Research your dispensaries beforehand. Look for ones with positive customer reviews and the products you’re interested in.
  • Respect the local laws and regulations regarding public consumption.
  • Enjoy the cannabis culture, but consume responsibly.

There you have it – a guide to navigating Vancouver’s legal cannabis dispensaries. Whether you’re window-shopping or ready to indulge, Vancouver’s cannabis community is welcoming and vibrant. Enjoy your visit, and remember to consume responsibly!


Know the Law

A friendly disclaimer for all you travellers: while indulging in your weedcation, it’s crucial to always respect and abide by the local cannabis laws in Canada. Consumption laws vary by province and municipality, and it’s important to stay informed to ensure a hassle-free experience. Public consumption might be restricted, and driving under the influence is illegal. Stay safe, stay informed, and when in doubt, ask your chosen dispensary for guidance.


Start Planning Today

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