Welcome to the green scene of Toronto, eh! If you’re a budget-conscious buyer looking for an affordable Toronto weed store, you’ve come to the right place. Ever since weed got the green light in 2018, Toronto’s market has been buzzing. You can score some top-notch stuff without burning a hole in your wallet.

Let’s explore the top spots where you can snag some stellar buds without breaking the bank.


Canna Cabana

  • Highlight: Known for friendly staff, variety of products, and free delivery services
  • Address: 435B Yonge St, Toronto
  • Phone: (647) 341-9333
  • Website: cannacabana.com

Your Local Cannabis

  • Highlight: Offers cheaper options, locally grown cannabis, and prioritizes customer service
  • Address: 1260 Kennedy Rd #9, Scarborough
  • Phone: (416) 551-2550
  • Website: yourlocalcannabis.com


  • Highlight: Knowledgeable staff, variety of cannabis options, and recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association
  • Address: 875 Milner Ave #114, Scarborough
  • Phone: (416) 546-2676
  • Website: spiritleaf.ca


  • Highlight: High-end products with friendly staff and a unique store design
  • Address: 244 Queen St W, Toronto
  • Phone: (416) 792-0808
  • Website: bonnefire.ca

Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique

  • Highlight: Friendly and knowledgeable staff with better prices and service compared to competitors
  • Address: 294 Danforth Ave, Toronto
  • Phone: (416) 551-8420
  • Website: mygreenmerchant.com

Tokyo Smoke

  • Highlight: Helpful staff with a variety of recommendations for different moods
  • Address: 8 Lebovic Ave, Scarborough
  • Phone: (416) 672-0504
  • Website: ca.tokyosmoke.com

Value Buds

  • Highlight: Affordable prices similar to neighbourhood dealers but legally sold in-store
  • Address: 535 Queen St W, Toronto, ON
  • Phone: (416) 364-2321
  • Website: valuebuds.com

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

  • Highlight: Friendly staff, clean and organized location, and reliable delivery service
  • Address: 4 Brock Ave, Toronto
  • Phone: (416) 613-8344
  • Website: fireandflower.com

6ix Dispensary

  • Highlight: Offers same-day delivery, daily deals, and a wide selection of edible flavours
  • Address: 245 Fairview Mall Dr, North York
  • Phone: (647) 300-0780
  • Website: 6ixdispensary.com

These stores offer a range of prices, with some starting as low as under $10, and are praised for their selection, customer service, and atmosphere.


The Average Cost: What to Expect

In Toronto, the cost of weed can vary, but you’ll be happy to know that the cheapest options start at prices as low as under $10. This range gives you the freedom to explore different strains and products without the stress of steep costs.


Tips for the Thrifty Toker

  • Loyalty Programs: Join the loyalty programs at your local dispensaries to start racking up points for free goodies.
  • Price Comparisons: Take advantage of stores like Value Buds, which display competitors’ prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Bulk Buying: Consider purchasing in bulk if you find a strain you love; it’s often more economical in the long run.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on dispensary websites and local cannabis blogs for special deals and promotions.

In conclusion, Toronto’s cannabis scene offers a treasure trove of affordable options for the discerning stoner on a budget. From Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique to Value Buds, there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for every budget-conscious buyer. Happy toking, and remember to enjoy responsibly!


The Legal Fine Print

Remember, while it’s tempting to look for the best deals online, legally, you’re only supposed to buy cannabis from government-run facilities in Canada. However, many local dispensaries offer competitive prices and the convenience of in-store shopping experiences.


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