Canada’s sparkling city of Vancouver is not just known for its breathtaking mountains and pristine coastline, but also for its vibrant cannabis culture. If you’re into cannabis, you’re in luck — the city’s got plenty of spots to check out and enjoy your green.

However, if you’re looking to experience a weedcation without burning a hole in your pocket, finding a cheap dispensary in Vancouver is your ticket to a high-quality yet budget-friendly cannabis escapade. Here’s a roundup of places and tips on how to make the most out of your trip!


Explore Local Dispensaries

  • City Cannabis Co.: Situated at the heart of Vancouver, City Cannabis Co. offers a variety of strains without the hefty price tag. Keep an eye out for their daily deals!
  • The Village Bloomery: With its welcoming ambiance and affordable prices, The Village Bloomery is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you to budget-friendly strains.
  • Muse Cannabis: Offers a moderate pricing range with competitive prices on some strains. Known for having a large variety of strains available.
  • Eggs Canna: Known for some of the best prices for flower and provides a high-end chic experience for customers. 
  • KushKlub: Offers competitive prices and carries a wide range of products including oils, sprays, flowers, and concentrates.
  • Dutch Love: Offers daily Happy Hour deals with discounts on pre-rolls or vapes. Known for its loyalty program and great accessibility with multiple locations in Vancouver including one near the airport.


Embrace the Online Deals

Many dispensaries have an online presence, and they often feature exclusive online deals. Websites like Weedmaps or Leafly can guide you to the cheap dispensary in the Vancouver scene, showcasing promotions and discounts happening in real time.


Attend Cannabis Events

Vancouver frequently hosts cannabis-related events, expos, and farmers markets. These events are perfect for scoring deals on cannabis products, and also for immersing yourself in the local cannabis community.


Join a Cannabis Tour

Consider joining a cannabis tour to explore the city’s cannabis scene with a knowledgeable guide. They often have partnerships with local dispensaries which could translate to discounts on your purchases.


Happy Hour Specials

Just like bars have happy hours, some dispensaries in Vancouver have their own version of happy hour where you can snag your favourite strains at a discounted price. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy cheap cannabis while discovering new strains.


Loyalty Programs

Last but not least, inquire about loyalty programs. Many dispensaries reward regular customers with points or discounts on future purchases. Signing up can save you a significant amount on your weedcation budget!


The cannabis scene in Vancouver is as diverse as it is enthralling, and with a little savvy, you can experience it without breaking the bank. By checking out local dispensaries, embracing online deals, attending events, joining tours, hitting up happy hours, and signing up for loyalty programs, your quest for a cheap dispensary in Vancouver can turn into an exciting adventure filled with new friendships, discoveries, and of course, plenty of high-quality, affordable cannabis. So, are you ready to light up your Canadian cannabis journey?



It’s imperative to note that while cannabis is legal in Canada, it remains a controlled substance in many other countries. Make sure to purchase and consume your cannabis within Canadian borders and never attempt to transport it out of the country. Abiding by the law will ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable weedcation.


Take the High Road to Adventure

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