We’ve all been there – either you have the weed and no papers or you have papers but no weed, or even worse you don’t have both. While we do prefer to roll our own, we sometimes have to get pre-rolled joints when we’re in a pinch. While more convenient, they tend to be more expensive as all of the hard work has already been done for you. The plus side though is that you can be sure it’s done to a high standard if you purchase your pre-rolled cannabis from a licensed dispensary.

Even more benefits of pre-rolled joints include the fact that they are quick to enjoy (all you need is a lighter); can be purchased in physical brick-and-mortar dispensaries, online, or even delivered; and they tend to come in convenient packaging for when you’re on the go. They come in a wide variety and even if you’re an experienced cannabis connoisseur, chances are you might not know about all the different available types!

But don’t you worry, Canada Weed Tours – your one-stop resource for marijuana in Canada – is breaking down the different types of pre-rolled joints for a quick and fast cannabis experience. 

The Classic Doobie

The classic doobie is the most common variation of joint out there. It is made of bleached or non-bleached paper that’s filled with cannabis into a tube shape. 


A cannabis blunt is rolled using cigar paper or pressed hemp paper. 

Rainbow Blunt

A rainbow blunt is another variation of the classic blunt roll. The only major difference here is the number of marijuana strains used to make the blunt. In a rainbow blunt, there are a whopping seven different strains of marijuana per roll – where one strain represents each colour of the rainbow. 

To get the best and different strains of marijuana in Canada, head over to Canada Weed Tours – we have a summary of the best Canadian strains for you to choose from.

Cannabis Sticks

Cannabis sticks are just perfect for house parties, a large group of friends, or if you’re looking for something to smoke over several days. Originating in Thailand in the late 60s, these contain 4-8 grams of premium flower. 

Cannabis Cigarette

Cannabis cigarettes are aesthetically speaking, very similar to normal cigarettes. However, these cigarettes are paper funnels stuffed with cannabis. Sometimes, you might even get to see foam filters – just like the ones you find on a usual cigarette. 

Dipped Doobie

Dipped doobies are cannabis joints that are made with hemp paper, dipped in a cannabis isolate, and rolled in some more cannabis. 


Spliff is just like another regular joint, but it is rolled with cannabis and tobacco leaves combined. When you’re looking for that extra kick, you can substitute your classic joint with a spliff. 


Pre-rolled joints are huge time-savers. They’re great, irrespective of if you’re just starting, or are a cannabis enthusiast; and if you’re looking for cannabis products, look no further than Canada Weed Tours! We offer info on how to plan your next cannabis holiday in Canada, including travel information, top strains, best dispensaries, and more.