Welcome to your ultimate guide to the Canadian cannabis scene, especially tailored for those planning a memorable weedcation in 2024. Whitehorse, the vibrant heart of the Yukon, is not just about breathtaking northern lights and pristine wilderness; it’s also a hub for some of the best cannabis experiences in Canada.


Why Whitehorse?

Whitehorse, with its relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural backdrop, offers a unique setting for cannabis enthusiasts. The city’s commitment to high-quality, locally sourced cannabis products, combined with the knowledgeable staff in various dispensaries, makes it a top destination for anyone looking for a quality weedcation.


Best Weed Stores in Whitehorse 2024

For a cannabis enthusiast visiting Whitehorse, there are several top-rated dispensaries that are a must-visit. Here are four highly recommended locations:

Fire and Flower

Located at 80 Chillkot Way, Fire and Flower is a premium dispensary known for its extensive selection of cannabis products. They provide expert help and great service, offering a variety of classic and new cannabis strains, edibles, and accessories. The well-informed staff at Fire and Flower are always ready to assist, making it a great stop for both newcomers and experienced users. https://fireandflower.com/stores/YT/whitehorse 

Ninetails Cannabis

Ninetails Cannabis

Ninetails Cannabis, situated at 204C Main St, stands out with its boutique-style approach. This dispensary offers a curated selection of top-quality cannabis products, emphasizing local and artisanal brands. The cozy and inviting atmosphere, combined with the knowledgeable staff, ensures a personalized shopping experience. https://ninetails.ca 

The Herbary

The Herbary

The Herbary, located at 120b Industrial Rd, is known for its commitment to health and wellness-focused cannabis products. Specializing in CBD-rich products and medicinal cannabis, this dispensary caters to those seeking relief and a holistic approach to cannabis use. The Herbary’s expert staff are well-equipped to guide you through their selection, offering advice tailored to your needs. https://theherbary.com/locations/whitehorse-yukon 

Triple J’s Canna Space

Triple J's Canna Space

Triple J’s Canna Space, at 211 Wood St, is a vibrant and modern dispensary. They are renowned for their wide array of cannabis products, including exotic strains, high-quality edibles, and innovative cannabis accessories. The friendly and energetic atmosphere makes it a popular destination for both locals and visitors. https://triplejscannaspace.ca 


Tips for a Successful Weedcation in Whitehorse

  • Know the Law: Remember, the legal age for cannabis consumption in Whitehorse is 19. Carry ID with you, and be aware of public consumption laws.
  • Explore Local Strains: Whitehorse dispensaries often feature locally-grown strains that you won’t find elsewhere. Ask for recommendations!
  • Plan Your Activities: Balance your dispensary visits with other local attractions. Whitehorse is known for its outdoor activities, cultural experiences, and vibrant arts scene.
  • Stay Responsible: Always consume responsibly, especially if you’re planning to explore the wilderness or engage in outdoor activities.
  • Accommodations: Look for 420-friendly accommodations. Many local hosts and hotels in Whitehorse are open to cannabis use, but it’s always best to check in advance.


Disclaimer: Respect the Environment and Local Community

As you embark on your weedcation, it’s crucial to remember the importance of respecting both the environment and the local communities you visit. Whitehorse, and indeed all of Canada, prides itself on its natural beauty and welcoming communities. 

Be mindful of public spaces, adhere to local guidelines on cannabis disposal, and always consume responsibly. Your actions play a significant role in preserving the pristine condition of our natural landscapes and maintaining the warm, inclusive atmosphere of our communities. Enjoy your weedcation responsibly, ensuring your visit leaves a positive impact on the places and people you encounter.



Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis aficionado or a curious newbie, Whitehorse’s cannabis scene in 2024 won’t disappoint. With its top-notch dispensaries, breathtaking scenery, and welcoming local culture, it’s the perfect destination for your next weedcation. 

Remember, the best weed stores in Whitehorse in 2024 are waiting for you with unique strains and experiences. Happy travels and happy toking!


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