When it comes to culinary and cannabis in Canada, it most certainly is in a growth phase. Edibles were legalized in the country on October 17, 2019, but weed restaurants have still a long way to go.

Weed restaurant legality in Canada

Currently, under the federal Cannabis Act, it is illegal to sell cannabis and cannabis products other than from a licensed or government-approved retailer. That also means that restaurants are not allowed to make food with cannabis. On top of that, cannabis products cannot be made in the same building as other food products. 

This creates a requirement from two levels of government: if restaurants were allowed to make weed-infused food under federal law, then they would also require approval from the province or territory to sell it.

Are there weed restaurants in Canada?

Yes, but it’s just getting started. 

West Blvd Cannabis (WBC) in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood is Canada’s first culinary cannabis kitchen. It’s also a micro-processing and cannabis manufacturing facility. The cutting-edge test kitchen will act as a centre for the development of infused products, including THC/CBD coconut oil and olive oil.

West Blvd Cannabis

West Blvd Cannabis

Address: 7 W 7th Ave Unit 101, Vancouver, BC

West Blvd Cannabis

First, there was the legalization of cannabis. Next was edibles. Restaurants are not quite there yet, but it is happening. Learn all the ways you can experience Canadian cannabis and plan the perfect weed holiday with Canada Weed Tours.