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San Rafael '71

When was the brand founded?
Where was the brand founded?
Markham, Ontario
About San Rafael ‘71

Meet San Rafael ’71, named after the California city and year in which a group of cannabis aficionados gathered at 4:20 a.m. to look for a hidden crop of weed. San Rafael ’71 is intended for people who are discriminating and experienced about cannabis products, as well as those who respect quality and authenticity.

Top 3 products


Get in the groove to move with Delahaze, the funkadelic and skunkadelic, high-THC sativa.

Tangerine Dream

This mid-potency THC sativa, typically derived from G13 and Neville’s A5 Haze, is down for whatever the day brings on.

Blaspberry Gummies

Each gummy is chock-full of high-quality cannabinoid extract– science talk for saying this gummy is filled with the full cannabis experience.